"Value Added" Services to Your Practice

Summary of Services
Our staff is comprised of health services professionals who combine years of actual practice experience, accumulated and shared wisdom, and leading-edge know-how to meet your needs. Specific services that are provided include:

· Internet Medical Billing and Follow-up (FAST-OUT) Services
· Practice Management Review and Benchmark Comparisons
· Bookkeeping, Financial Statements, Management Reports
· Fee Schedule Reviews
· Coding Reviews
· Managed Care Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
· Strategic and Business Planning
· Medical Litigation Support
· Practice Valuations
· Medical Software Evaluation
· Complete Practice Start-up Support
· Medicare Compliance Plans and Audits

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Service Details


Don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a software package and computer support to learn that it is all obsolete before your note at the bank is paid off? SWMM IM-BILL is the answer! SWMM's Internet Medical Billing Services uses an up-to-date medical billing software package that includes the full range of practice modules (appointment scheduling, electronic claims, to medical records). This allows your practice to outsource the risk of obsolescence while maintaining control by "on-site" staff using the system. If the system goes down, the software support leaves town, or if regulations change for claims, its SWMM's problem!!!!!!!

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Wonder why your A/R balance is increasing when your reimbursements are decreasing? Part of the problem is that the traditional method of charging a percentage of collections for providing off-site billing agencies is obsolete. If the collections per claim or encounter is decreasing and the volume or the number of encounters is increasing, the only option of the billing service is to decrease services. The off-site service will not chance losing your account by increasing the collection percentage to cover their increased costs. By decreasing the level of their service while volume increases, their profit level remains the same. Thus your A/R balance goes up!!! At your option, SWMM will provide a new "turn-key" medical billing support. This includes offsite demographic & insurance information entry (electronic downloads), charge entry with audit of coding, patient inquires, cash posting, and follow-up. A practice can interface both internet and traditional methods to achieve ecomony of scale. The fees for this new type service is based on a cost-plus basis that will allow the practice to tailor the level (and cost) of service obtained from SWMM. However, SWMM's fees can be based on the traditional percentage of gross collections.

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Tired of having your office staff spending "most" of their time fighting insurance companies? Want your staff helping you and the patients deal with "medical" problems? Want your "on site" office staff to spend the majority of their time on getting a "clean claim" out of the office and "controlling" your A/R operations? "FAST-OUT" is the answer. "FAST-OUT" follow-up support is a complete "back-office" support option for the physician practice. It is an A/R management tool that includes an insurance adjudication service as well as the traditional A/R collection support. Let SWMM fight with the insurance companies for your money.

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A Practice Management Review is a tool used by the practice management staff to determine many factors: Validates operating methods, evaluates practice expenses, compares historical data to current data to establish trends, compares data to practice benchmarks, establishes baseline to measure operational effectiveness, provides objective review.

The changes that are occurring in healthcare today are requiring the practice of medicine to look at traditional methods (internal audits) used in other businesses to manage the “business of medicine”. A Practice Management Review will allow the management of the practice (physician and administrative staff) to determine specific areas of concern and will assist the staff in planning, budgeting, and monitoring the effects of your business plan.

Specifically, this Practice Management Review is the first step in determining areas of concern and allows the management team to focus on these areas. It is general in nature and looks at revenue related, expense related, operational related, staffing related, and regulatory related areas of concern. It “spot lights” these areas and allows the management team to expand the analysis to determine the cause of the variance and take actions to correct the problem. It then can be used as a yearly tool to monitor the practice.

The need to attain cost efficiencies is a major force in healthcare today and the Practice Management Review is the least expensive tool to achieve this goal. The fee for this review depends on the type review wanted by the client.

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Did you know that financial statements are not only a valuable managment tool for your accountant but can be used as an operational tool to help you control your practice? The statements provide a "snapshot" of your collections and expenses by category. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will also allow your staff to concentrate on billing and enhance your collections.

SWMM provides full service bookkeeping support on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The support can include payroll and quarterly tax returns. Up-to-date financial information can be used in budgeting, loan applications as well as business planning.

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