Area Served
SWMM has historically restricted its services to the Greater Houston Medical Community. With the development of the Internet, the service areas have now expanded to those areas that have Internet support. SWMM can now offer A/R Billing and Management to all areas of Texas along with consulting services.
What Sets Us Apart
Monumental, often tumultuous, always challenging. That's the nature of change, especially the vast changes taking place in healthcare today. They present numerous and exciting challenges for the physicians and medical practices. These forces require medical practices to clearly define their vision and future strategic direction and shift their focus from "business as usual" to developing new methodologies. As our client, SWMM focuses on providing PROVEN business services to increase your efficiency, improve your performance, and positioning your practice strategically.

Our staff is actively operating practices on a day to day basis and we continuously evaluate and add new concepts and services after discussing them with our clients. Our consulting staff steps out of the clinic and brings proven solutions to your practice. SWMM's philosophy is to enhance and improve your existing operations to provide increased revenues, effective cost management and effective management reports.

Whether involved in a consulting project, financial services, or in A/R management support, our approach to serving you is to provide practical advice and solutions that meet and exceed your needs and expectations. We strive to build a collaborative, long term, responsive relationship with every client. Our goal is twofold: (1) to be your business advisor throughout the year, and (2) to partner with you in achieving the long-term success of your practice.